Catastrophic NecromancerChapter 98HOT

The game has emerged into reality, the rules of the world have been turned upside down and humanity has entered the era of becoming players with the world set as a game stage. The only way to become a player is by leveling up to become stronger! The

Shingeki no KyojinChapter 139.5

.Hundreds of years ago, horrifying creatures which resembled humans appeared. These mindless, towering giants, called "titans," proved to be an existential threat, as they preyed on whatever humans they could find in order to satisfy a seemingly unen

Shuumatsu no WalküreChapter 64

.The story begins when the gods call a convention to decide the whether to let humanity live or die, and settle on destroying humanity. But a lone valkyrie puts forward a suggestion to let the gods and humanity fight one last battle, as a last hope f

I Have To Be A MonsterChapter 43
ActionMartial artsSupernatural

Xiao Qiu, who quietly guards humanity with his own strength, is misunderstood by everyone. Having experienced a depressed life and being reborn, he embarked on the path of becoming a bloodless and tearless monster. "Saving mankind, what does it have

Reborn As An EmperorChapter 45
Martial arts

Zhao Dongting was betrayed and killed by his lover, but he came back to life in Dynasty Song South and become emperor. He stepped on the dead sea and set foot on the throne, and turned the madness to the side, and helped to build the kingdom, and bec

Apocalyptic ForecastChapter 109

Life never seems to go Huai Shi's way. No friends, no family, no money... He applies for a job as a restaurant musician, but it turns out to be an ad for a gigolo! This is no way for a main character with a cheat to live... However, when the supernat

Toaru Majutsu no IndexChapter 165

The story is set in a world where supernatural powers exist through science, and magic exists through religion.In the story, Touma Kamijou is an ordinary high school boy with terrible academic scores and a power called Imagine Breaker. Imagine Breake

Prayers of the VulgarChapter 30

#18Prayers of the Profane / The servant of God, Saharo, breaks the biggest rule for an angel when she momentarily sympathizes with Evil. After letting Evil escape from heaven's grasp, Saharo loses her angelic wings and won't be able to reascend unt

Zombie FightChapter 66

As life gets harder, Ian pushes his emotions away and resists.His father's violence and debts increase ... Thee misfortune continued and his body became increasingly numb. accidentally he walks through an illegal fight and receives an offer."If you g

VillainsChapter 60.1

Unable to activate his superpowers since graduating from the prestigious Hero Academy, Ron struggles to land a job as a superhero. One day, Ron accepts a mysterious job interview where he gets scouted by Darren. The job? Be Darren's personal assistan

Kuchidome No Gohoubi Wa Dansou Otome To Icha Ero Desu!Chapter 12

Kate is the strongest and most powerful student in the school, and is said to be the hero . However, he is actually a beautiful girl dressed as a man. Dino, Kate's rival, finds out. He says, "You can do whatever you want with my body if you keep it a

Shuumatsu no ValkyrieChapter 91
ActionDramaMartial artsSupernatural

The story begins when the gods call a convention to decide the whether to let humanity live or die, and settle on destroying humanity. But a lone valkyrie puts forward a suggestion to let the gods and humanity fight one last battle, as a last hope fo

The Return of Princess Amy (Official)Chapter 69

A prophecy declared that a child would lead the empire back to glory. That same year, Amy and her half-sister, Aurora, were born. Both girls competed for the title and when it seemed like Amy was going to win, Aurora convinced everyone that Amy was a

Chronicles of the Jobless Hero ~Ousted From the Duke’s Manor, but With Skills Gained Through Punches, I Emerge as the Continent’s Ultimate Hero~Chapter 22

In a world where Classes are bestowed by the gods upon everyone when they reach eighteen, the existence of Skills within these Classes tends to overshadow any hard work, setting one's life path. Within this imbalanced system, Lythe, who trained in ho

Psyche MatashitemoChapter 141

The manga revolves around Saike, a male middle school student without dreams or motivation. Within his normal everyday life, the only one who dotes on him is his female childhood friend, Mikan. However, one day, after seeing Mikan in extreme danger,

A Wish Upon A StarChapter 63HOT

Seo Yeonji was dumped by her childhood friend. The day after she put a curse on him, she gained a strange superpower.

Born with the Weakest Job, I Worked My Hardest to Become the Strongest Tamer with the Weakest Skill: Fist Punch!Chapter 16
ShounenActionMartial arts

In this world, all humans are born with a job, a set of skills, and a base status. However, our protagonist, John Leetle received the short end of the stick and was born with the Tamer job and blessed with only one skill: Fist Punch; Both are conside

I was just trying to prevent the breakup of the main charactersChapter 40

In a romance novel full of shoveling and misunderstanding, she possessed Namjoo's younger sister. Fallen in the novel, I took off my feet for the frustrating main couple, but on the day of their engagement , the main characters declared their breakup

I Kill Zombies in WastelandChapter 14

"Eternal Night of Poison Rain" The event that ended Human Civilisation in a single day, humans escaped, and built a New City in the wilderness.The old city was covered in the sea of miasma, and it birthed new monsters The Scourge, commonly known as Z

I Can Blow Up An Isekai World With Just One PunchChapter 1

I Can Blow Up An Isekai World With Just One Punch

Lord Of The AbyssChapter 27

Jiang Mingyu, who obtained mysterious powers in an accident, embarked on the road to upgrade the abyss system, and became a player in order to obtain a better life for his family. Faced with many challenges in the player's career, he found that the b

Powerful Big Shot Is Quite CautiousChapter 30

In Lian Meng College's virtual portal, the ace students of each college are doing their best for the graduation assessment, all the while waiting for the Breaker. In the end, a mysterious man with the code name Ling surpassed the ninth-level difficul

Kimi Shi ni Tamau Koto NakareChapter 59

In the future, supernatural powers not only exist but have become science fact. The "Special Abilities Private High School" is established in order to utilize students' powers for the military. Students are roped onto the battlefield without knowing

The Invincible Ancestor in Modern WorldChapter 5
ActionMartial arts

Ye Jueyu has been in seclusion for five hundred years, and the world has changed drastically. In modern society, with the rise of supernatural powers, traditional martial arts begin to decline. The former apprentices have all become bigwigs from all

Help! My boyfriend is a monsterChapter 162

About Help! My boyfriend is a monster ManhuaA car accident made Fang Yin Yin into a cat. As well as being a full-time nurse for three kittens, she also has to deal with an overbearing president. "From today on, you're my cat, remember this in your he

Rapture callChapter 7

If you've ever wondered, what happened to the Gods of the ancient world? Where did they come from? Why did they disappear so suddenly? You're about to find your answers here. Little Gabriel has stumbled into the world we've been blind to all this tim

Super Affection SystemChapter 24

a college student got transmigrated in fantasy word of the game he loved the most and acquiring a new system. watch as Liu Yuan start this journey to scam his way to the top

Ninja SlayerChapter 27

Ninja...Ninja were... merciless demi-gods, ruling Japan with their karate in the age of ninja tranquility. But, "some" committed a forbidden form of harakiri storing their souls at Kinkaku Temple for future resurrection. Their lost history was falsif

Sentou Hakai Gakuen DangerousChapter 37

Tiger & Bunny Comic AnthologyChapter 33

An anthology comic of Tiger & Bunny by various mangaka.


Read manhwa KISSING YOU BEFORE GOING TO BED / After a childhood accident, Ji-ho acquires psychic abilities. However, controlling them is a constant struggle! For 18 years, he's been coping with these unpredictable powers. In an unexpected revelatio

At Daybreak The Wind BlowsChapter 46

A jinxed youth searches for luck. A teenager who loathes himself because of a supernatural curse which brings misfortune to those around him embarks on a thrilling journey with his friend to solve the mystery of their strange powers.A Gust of Wind Bl

Houkago Assault x GirlsChapter 9

Office Worker Who Sees FateChapter 9

Read manhwa Office Worker Who Sees Fate / A child born to become a shaman with the fate of putting the world in chaos. To let go of his greed and refuse g**, he's trying to become an ordinary office worker. Choi Yeonghoon, the one who can see desti

DaiouChapter 36

1. Saiyuuki wo Yomu2. The World Cup 19623. Zou Natsu4. Ka5. Kuma6. Nanten7. Yoru no Garage8. Zou no Sanpou9. Metropolis10. Asagao [Story: Yoshitomo Yoshitomo]11. Maruimono

Jibaku-kunChapter 86

Silent Knight ShouChapter 11

Sho is seen fighting with a local gang that terrorizes the nearby town, he defeats them rather quickly with his powers. And is joined by his pet Pii-tan a falcon, whom he have been friends with since childhood. Later as the gang resumes their activit

Toaster DudeChapter 14

All his life, Dude has had one simple dream: to own a toaster. And he's finally done it. Nothing could possibly go wrong... right?

Welcome, Guardian Spirit!Chapter 50

Welcome Guardian Spirit at "I'm your matchmaking guardian spirit!"On the lonely day of her high school graduation, Jinri receives an anonymous bouquet of peonies which changes into a man claiming to be her guardian spirit! Dodeok insists he can help

Our Idol SangeunChapter 60

Help me escape from this place. Nokram is a utopia, its citizens happy and smiling except for Juri, who sees a paradox in the facade of happiness. At her school's graduation, she stumbles upon a dark secret, and after a failed escape, she is saved by

The Frog Princess CCChapter 32

I must harvest the power of love! When a magical potion that can transform any living organism into a human goes awry, it's up to Sarang the Chameleon to harvest the power of true love and save the Demon World. But can a chameleon masquerading as a h

Hell Class (Kelas Neraka)Chapter 1

He** Class (Kelas Neraka)I'm Kenaya. Just an average high school student that wants to play safe from bullying. But those savage bullies harassed my best friend, Riska. Because of that, I came back from he** to punish and humiliate them in this world

Sorcery’s SignChapter 5

Manga inspired by Japanese style. The action takes place in the world of magic whose users are zombies.

Kai - Samurai of the DeadChapter 13

"The head of Isami Endo... Do you know about it?" Kai, which are weapons in the form of reanimated corpses, haunt the world... What will these men accomplish by manipulating the life and death of people...?Notices:~Please support the author by buying

They're All Sick!Chapter 2

Zeng Hu lives in a "mutated" wasteland city that has been nuclear-pacified. Superpowers give rise to danger as evil and cruel individuals prove their worth in this land. Here, cold-blooded tyranny is king! Here, love and friendship are taboo! However