Lord of GoblinsChapter 37

Lord of Goblins manhwa, Corruption. Greed. War. Lev is no stranger to the evils of the world, as he has spent his entire life fighting the predatory system that ensnared the world's population and turned them into puppets for the leaders of humanity.

Fine Food and SexualityChapter 10
DramaRomanceShounen ai

Fine Food and Sexuality, Shi Se, mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you may find all of your anime-related memes, recommendations, reviews, manga recommendations, character fanfiction, favorite q

I Became a Renowned Family’s Sword ProdigyChapter 90

I Became a Renowned Family's Sword Prodigy manhwa, Baek Woojin is the youngest son of a renowned swordsman family who has neither talent in swordsmanship nor an impressive Aura. Although he was dishonored by his own family and killed, he reincarnates

To Hell With Being A Saint I’m A DoctorChapter 76

To Hell With Being A Saint I'm A Doctor manhwa, Yusung is a genius doctor famous in the medical world. He, who spent his whole life in an operation room, died in a traffic accident, and when he woke up, he was in another world. Buta saintess? A holy

Blood ReverieChapter 55

Cassia works a Dead-End job, lives in a cramped apartment, and can't remember her own last name. Good thing she has a sexy vampire boyfriend who lives in her dreams- if only he were real, then maybe life wouldn't suck so bad.

Class 1-9Chapter 37

In a twist and turn of events during a school trip to a rural, northernmost province of South Korea, Se-yeon and her classmates find themselves stranded on a remote island off the coast of North Korea. Extreme circumstances drive the youngsters to ta

Magical School MealChapter 31

In a modern society full of all kinds of villains', God has descended to bring justice to this chaotic world.The hero who will fulfill his justice is Magic..

Become a kitchen soldier legendChapter 92
Martial artsWebtoons

Kang Seong-jae, the main character who lost his mother and lived in poverty because his father was injured, enlists in the army. Regardless of his will, he is classified as a soldier of interest and is hated by the troops because of the condition of

My Beautiful Gentle BanditChapter 115
DramaComedyShounen aiWebtoon

To You, Who Kept the StarChapter 148

To You Who Kept The Star Manga : The reason why we shine even in the dark reality is that we have different stars. Our growth that shines like a star, and romance

Dungeons & ArtifactsChapter 130

"The moment I get a hold of those artifacts, it'll be the end for you!" The start of vengeance for a wrongfully killed dungeon explorer and his artifacts! Dungeons attract the human mind, strengthens it selves with the dead and uses bait and artifact

The Reason Why The Twin Lady CrossdressesChapter 39

Read manhwa The Reason Why The Twin Lady Crossdresses / When Linari, who was executed due to the tyrant crown prince's plot, opened her eyes, she returned to the world three years prior. "In my second life, I will change my fate!" The method she

Whose Identity Will Be Discovered First, Wild Fox or Gao LinghuaChapter 28

Cang Yu hid her daughter body and lived as the second son of the Cang family. I wanted to return to the capital to find my mother's family background, but I was pushed into the pit of fire by my family, and somehow became a candidate for the princess

FloatChapter 29

Amidst the chaos of her parents' bitter divorce, Alaskan teenager Waverly Lyons trades in her textbooks and parka for a summer of suntans and short-shorts with her aunt in Florida. A fish out of water even back in the snow, Waverly is determined to b

Mage AgainChapter 74

Rangderkessel, the greatest mage of the land, sacrifices his life to seal the king of destruction, Persiadis, in six sacred relics. The relics are distributed among six different hands to be kept safe, and once again, peace is restored. However, when

Really Truly Getting a DivorceChapter 50

"Gobae" had a hard time carrying her head when she was the main character of the "Storm Strong Kick" meme. In order to leave Korea, she will get a fake marriage on the premise of getting divorced with Hangyul, a permanent resident of Australia. Howev

A Liger Under The Mountain RiverChapter 65

In 2046, Chu Lina was already in her junior year. Because she often fought since she was a child, she was eventually dubbed the "freak". She met two other freak classmates, Huo Lingsui and Luo Fenxiang, in college, and the three became friends. When

CarsearinChapter 77

The first runaway dragon, Arin's adventure in the human world!!! In the Larteard Mountains, a huge mountainous region occupying the center of the continent, lived the Red Dragon Clan, the dirtiest of dragons A 300-year old child (?), who yearned for

Brave CitizenChapter 12
ActionDramaMartial arts

Simin So dominated the hapkido scene when she was a student. Seven years later, she comes back as a high school substitute teacher. She's solely focused on becoming a full-time teacher when she crosses paths with Sugang Han, the school bully. Will Si

Your Smile Is A TrapChapter 129

Cha-baek, a woman with a bloody appearance and a man with a radiant appearance, Ahn Ki-yu.The school life of the two friends who are paired like fate.

White Moon He Made a Move On MeChapter 29

Read manga White Moon He Made a Move On Me / Bai Yueguang Ta Dui Wo Xiashoule / Bai Yueguang, He Attacked Me / Bi Yugung T Du W Xishule / Glamorous and arrogant angry young woman VS elegant and haughty handsome man. Jiang Yaoyao has been secretly in

Julieta’s Dress-UpChapter 36

"Julieta's Dress-Up," a captivating fantasy manhwa that will transport readers to a realm filled with mystery, romance, and intrigue. This ongoing manhwa, written by Chae Habin and Matcha, and illustrated by Yujacha, has garnered an average rating of

To Tame a FireChapter 75

Being the daughter of two war criminals, Ray has grown up ostracized and hated by many. After a chance encounter with an infamous commander, she is suddenly driven into multiple situations that put her morals to the testall the while the phantoms of

The Cold Commander by Day Cries in My Arms at NightChapter 61

The Cold Commander by Day Cries in My Arms at Night, , mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you may find all of your anime-related memes, recommendations, reviews, manga recommendations, character

The Virgin WitchChapter 168HOT

.30-year-old virgin Mihye is burning up with lust, but the only company she has on her 30th birthday is wine, cake, and a life-sized pillow of her favorite idol singer. Well, a girl's gotta drink up and dream big. She blows out the candles with just

FishChapter 18

Fish is the sequel to Pet, it picks where both the ending of Pet manga and anime left, and focuses on the future lives of the story's "pets", in particular Hiroki, Tsukasa and Satoru.

Love CycleChapter 21

Alicia's love life is perfect in her fantasy journal, but in reality she's desperate to get her crush's attention in school. When her journal leads her to a popular upperclassman, she gains an unexpected wingmanwho only has more strings to pull as fe

Hitomi-Chan Is Shy With StrangersChapter 114

One day an ordinary 2nd year high-schooler named Usami Yuu accidentally encounters Takano Hitomi, a big girl with a scary look. Turns out she's glaring at him, but why...!? Although Hitomi looks scary and awkward, she's actually a kind and adorable g

The Empress LipstickChapter 59

Read manhwa The Empress LipstickLee Jae-in, an ordinary high school student who dreams of becoming a makeup artist.I accidentally picked up a lipstick and got sucked into the mirror by the lipstick.When I opened my eyes, I was no longer Jae-in Lee, a

Chotto Ippai!Chapter 66

16 year old Miyahara Momiji starts working part-time at an izakaya called Koharuya.

Sekai Saikyou no Shinjuu TsukaiChapter 17.1

Magu, who was given the decoy skills to attract monsters and cause disaster, was banished from the city and decided to live alone in a hunting hut deep in the mountains.However, there I met Loa(beautiful girl), the Divine Beast Dragon drawn by decoy,

Card Girl! Maiden Summoning Undressing WarsChapter 25

A world where cute girls become cards and fight. And it's terrifying (happy?). In other words, you have to get the other girl to take off her clothes. Use the girls, who materialize from the cards, and their intelligence and strength to win! If you w

KuberaChapter 603

When Kuberas peaceful village meets its fiery end, a mysterious magician named Asha comes to her rescue-together they begin on a journey in search of answers and revenge. Meanwhile across the realms, a web of entwined fates is growing tighter... One

The Princess Wishes To Die Peacefully!Chapter 31

Alternative ???? ?? ?? ?? I now possess the body of Ophelia, the villainess in the story The Crown Prince Returns'.And just like the protagonists in the other reincarnated novels, I thought I would fare well.I died by getting guillotined the first ti

SnowboundChapter 10

A WEBTOON ADVENT CALENDAR! Two college enemies become trapped inside their university when an avalanche hits. Sage, a studious good girl, wants to escape before Christmas Day but, along the way, forges an unlikely companionship with Jackson, the slac

Dangerous Love Between BrothersChapter 38

Alternative Name: Dangerous Love Between Brothers, , Xiong you di bu gong, Brother seduce brotherShuo yue killed the mafia boss Si Xian, but saved his only son Si Mojue, and raised him as his younger brother around. Si Mojue played a good younger br

Miss Gu and Miss QuChapter 79

"Warning: Yuri content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older."There are two women in the entertainment industry who share a similar name. One being Q

Black Madougushi Guild wo Tsuihousareta Watashi, Oukyuu Majutsushi to shite HirowareruChapter 11.2

Noel, a girl who was suddenly fired from the magic tool guild, wallowing in her sadness she meets Luke, a wizard who was a rival at her academy, inviting her to become a Royal Palace Magician. She was assigned to Luke, who named Noel as his sidekick.

Renge to Naru to!Chapter 3

It's been a few months since the neighborhood Chinese restaurant closed down, and when I stopped by for the first time in a while, I found that it had been transformed into a flashy, mysterious restaurant with its old signboard still intact. When I w

Forest SeaChapter 53

not found...

The Perfect Ending for the Villainess of a Fairy TaleChapter 87

The Perfect Ending for the Villainess of a Fairy Tale manhwa, Fairy Tale Villains Perfect Ending Plan[There was a pitiful girl who cried tears of diamond and lived while being abused by her family. But a prince appeared and killed off the entirety of

Please Pay Attention To MeChapter 2
Shounen aiRomanceWebtoons

As a new semester begins, everyone is filled with excitement and eagerness to make new friends. In the midst of it all, Nam Soomin, who claims to be an outsider, strives to quietly go about his business without socializing with anyone. However, despi

Space JuggernautChapter 43

Wanderer, imposing, somewhere in the vast void of space, Rendezvous awaits! The only space station built inside a living being, where the best scientists, warriors, explorers and engineers of the galaxy live.Follow the adventures of the Rendezvaj aga

Unlikely AffairNotice. : Official Translation

[Translated by Mosh Scans]The third generation billionaire's secret heir, Dong-Ju X Secret secretary Min-Young.Lee Min-Young of the HR team happened to see Han Dong-Ju, a new employee of the sales team, coming out of the president's office.Surprising

My Rival Said I Was His BoyfriendChapter 58
WebtoonsShounen ai

not found...

Hyung, do you think i'm fat?Notice.HOT

not found...

King of the MoundChapter 61

[From the author of Kill the Hero]Through a combination of numerous injuries, a weak frame, and financial difficulties, the protagonist Lee Jinyong gave up on his path to being a baseball athlete and lived as a factory employee instead. One day, the

The Time When We Were YoungChapter 55

What We Liked Those Days / Choi Ah-ran, a novelist and publisher, runs a publishing company while hiding the humiliation of her past as Jo A-han, a writer who made a big name for herself 20 years ago with an internet novel about the popular leader

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