The Villainess, Cecilia Silvie, Doesn't Want to Die, so She Decided to Cross-dress!Chapter 20.5

I was reincarnated into the body Cecilia Silvie, the villainess of an otome game.According to the plot, what awaits me in the normal route is either a slow, painful death or an instantaneous one... Essentially, every route leads to my demise.Then I'l

Kalli The ChampionChapter 63

After giving up his dream as a boxer, Park Kang-tae joined a gang. He was well-known inside the gang but got killed in the end. He had one regret when he diedGiving up his dream as a boxer. Did G** know about his regret? In a world, where boxing exis

MoonquakeChapter 12

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I became the youngest prince in the novelChapter 50

The Flosimar Chronicles of the Hero, a novel about the failure, not the success, of a warrior. "That sucks." The emperor who had swallowed up the world closed his eyes and closed the book with a brief thought. But the moment I opened my eyes again, t

Butterfly Dream (Chaeo & Emma)Chapter 35

'This guy will make tonight an unforgettable night.'Baek Do-gyeom, the son of Young Eui-jeong, the protagonist of the long-distance festival, where the path to success is wide open. He wasn't very happy with the recommendation of an old friend, but h

Yaba Ai InstructorChapter 8

He peeps on her and takes photos, comes on to her, and has all sorts of evil plans! She can't escape her sadistic personal trainer and his outrageous desires...!!Nagi's a freelance designer who works from home. She's not a fan of people who are brigh


Eunjoo and Sena have been best-friends since 4eva. But Eunjoo has deeper feelings for Sena and has kept her feelings a secret for over 12 years. How much longer will these feelings be silent for, especially when hot new wannabe love interests get mix

Please Bond with Me!Chapter 5

All his life, Aoi Mikage has always thought of himself as a reject alpha - of course he is, when he can't even smell any of the pheromones that may be around him. Upon his brother-in-law's recommendation, he undergoes second-gender counseling under o

Heavenly Demon Wants to Be A ChefChapter 10
WebtoonsActionMartial arts

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Enoch: Shining TreeChapter 14

Read Enoch: Shining Tree Manhwa: "Those wearing armor shall never take off their arms, will never die, and will live in pain."With a witch's curse, the Cursed Knights' began to roam the world.And Enoch, a boy who encounters one, is about to discover

The smiling portraitChapter 5

Richard commissions a portrait to a street artist named Pascal. When Richard takes off his hat, the young painter runs away from him. After certain events, Richard manages to invite Pascal to his house, and from here begins the mysterious story of bo


Read STUCK IN THE TOWERA world where gates open and monsters come out to play Hyunsoo longs to enter the tower and take on the role a sa hunter. But in reality, he works as a porter and meat shield of E Class Hunters who are worse than gangsters. Mor

Sister, I Am the Queen in This LifeChapter 105

Sister I Am the Queen in This Life manhwa,Her fiance, her sister, and her parents. Ariadne returns 14 years in the past, the day she was cast aside by everyone. "Shit! I am trying to court you right now!" From her fiance, who acted much different tha

Monster EaterChapter 18

"I'll get stronger, by eating monsters!"Rude is an E-rank adventurer who possesses only a single skill: Debuff Immunity. Sadly, gathering herbs in miasma-filled dungeons is about the only thing his questionable skill is good for.Being of practically

How To Protect The Heroine's BrotherChapter 1

"How To Protect The Heroine's Brother" is about a girl who possesses the body of Roxana Agrece, the older sister of the sub-villain. She was bound for death in the original story. So very similar to like other plots, she decides to survive long enoug

Divorce PlanChapter 25

Read manhwa Divorce Plan / / Divorce StrategyOne day, my friend who was like a sister to me confessed that she was pregnant with the child of my husband. "Congratulate me, Ariana." Let alone apologizing to me, my friend shamelessly asked for my ble

The Villianess lives twiceChapter 2

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Before I Knew It, I Had Stolen the Dark Lord’s HeartChapter 17

Read Before I Knew It, I Had Stolen the Dark Lord's Heart ManhwaBy the Time I Woke Up, the Dark Lord Had Wound Down , By the Time I Came to My Senses, the Dark Lord Had Wrapped Around Me , When I Came To My Senses, The Master of Darkness Had Wrapped

The S-Class Hunter Doesn’t Want to Be a Villainous PrincessChapter 46

Read manhwa The S-Class Hunter Doesn't Want to Be a Villainous Princess, Class S Hunter doesn't want to be a villain princess, S , The S-Class Hunter Detests Being A Villainous PrincessShe had transmigrated into a hunter constellation fantasy nov

After Kissing Many Girls I Became A Yuri Kisser...Chapter 11

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NARUTO : The Seventh Hokage RebornChapter 17

After facing off the last of the Otsutsuki clan members a forbidden seal activates on the last descendant's body sending Naruto back into the past before his change began. Naruto is back in the academy with a few days remaining before the academy gra

Senpai ga Uzai Kouhai no HanashiExtra. : Sleepy Okudera

Futaba Igarashi is a diminutive office lady who finds that her towering and boisterous work senpai Harumi Takeda always gets in her hair, but he always has her back, he always keeps her company, and she starts noticing that her heart is slowly veerin

Binding of Unrequited LoveNotice.

Anger, injustice, contempt, and a sense of lossSeonwoo Ji-hoon experiences various emotions that he wants to draw out from Lee Hae-in. However, the only thing that Ji-hoon can offer to Hae-in, with whom he fell in love at first sight, is love. When H

Here And There And Us (And Then And After)Chapter 14

Majima and Sonoki have gone a long, long way from being justclassmates from different cliques with a budding, bumbling friendship.Now living separate lives at distant universities, they haven't talkedsince graduating high school - but for some reason

The First Wedding NightChapter 9.5

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Magaku No VarmutChapter 1

My name is Varmut. I am the gatekeeper of the Demon King's castle. What the he** happened to that brave hero guy? He didn't show up today either... hmm? The brave guy didn't show up, so I was transferred to the day-care center! What's that? Hey!

Death Or LoveChapter 18

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Kinniro Hachi ni MitsuChapter 6

Shuto Yaoka is a painter who has lost his color vision. One night, while he was drunk, he met a wealthy man, Kenji Mitsuya.+

Hitogoto Desukara!Chapter 14

Komori Mio (25), who gives her all in love and work, is the (self-proclaimed) ace of the second division of the sales department of the Nadeshiko Trading Company. Her dream is to be transferred to the Overseas Operations Deparment, so that she can se

Maria no DanzaiChapter 28

The Nagare family had a happy home with three parents and three children. However, their son Kiritaka was secretly bullied at school. Then, an incident occurs, and the mother Mari's love for her son goes out of control.

The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen Who Will Become The Source Of Tragedy Will Devote Herself For The Sake Of The People. Comic AnthologyChapter 7

The popular novel, "RasuTame", written by Tenichi-sensei now has an anthology! Including original episodes with illustrations by many wonderful writers!!Pryde's happy daily life is being delivered now ?

Apocalyptic ThiefChapter 163.5

A storm of the universe brought species mutations. The poison, undead, giants and monsters in the city roared as they waved their weapons. As the beasts in the woods fought over territorial rights, humans, too, awakened an ability known as star power

Megane, Tokidoki, Yankee-kunChapter 22

After being in a high school full of Yankees, and being humiliated by them all the time. Momose decides to change her appearance when entering high school, even though she is still clumsy, she struggles to fit in. All she wants is to get away from th

Natsuki CrisisChapter 1
ActionComedyMartial artsRomance

Natsuki is the top female karateka in her high school. Beautiful and cheerful, she charms most people she meets. Most of the young men in her class would dearly like to be the object of her affection but she saves her passion for karate. Unfortunatel

ApotheosisChapter 1209HOT
ActionMartial artsShounen

Luo Zheng, now a humble slave was born as the eldest son of a wealthy family. Due to his family's decline, the kidnapping of his sister by a powerful force, he can now only be stepped upon by others. However, heaven never seals off all exits. An anci

No More Love With the GirlsChapter 79

Eiyuu (A.U.), a high school boy, has a problem! Two childhood friends "Shio" and "Akari" who go to the same high school are too cute! If they find out that I'm the only one looking sexually at them now that they've grown up, even though I have no int

Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai SaikyouChapter 78

Among the class transported to another world, Nagumo Hajime is an ordinary male student who didnot have ambition nor aspiration in life, and thus called "Incompetent" by his classmates. The class was summoned to become heroes and save a country from

Fake AffairChapter 70

Shoko has turned 30 and she has finally given up on finding a marriage partner. Recently having completed a year long contract, she wants to explore the freedom her lack of relationship and job obligations afford her and books a trip to Seoul, Korea.

ShimaumaChapter 10.2

From MangaHelpers:Tatsuo, Hide, Satoshi and Aya worked together to cheat people out of money. They tended to target marriage services, where they con money out of people looking for love. They were good at it, until they crossed the wrong guy. Then t

Conde KomaChapter 15
ActionDramaMartial arts

This manga tells the legacy of Mitsuyo Maeda a Brazilian naturalized as Otvio Maeda, who was a Japanese judka (judo expert) and prizefighter in no holds barred competitions. He was also known as Count Combat or Conde Koma in Spanish and Portuguese, a

Asoko De Hataraku Musubu-SanChapter 77

The story follows Sagami Gouro, 24, who starts working in Industria Shounan Gum SA, where he meets the researcher Musubu-san, a girl who works in the medical assistance development laboratory called "home", their first meeting it will not be exactly

India Calling Me NowChapter 1

The manga follows the life of 28-year-old manga creator Natsume Kanazawa. Natsume has been a manga creator for five years, but her career has yet to take off. One day her boyfriend tells her he intends to marry her, so he asks her to go to India with

Monmusugo! 〜Living In Another World With The Strongest Monster Girls With Translation Skills〜Chapter 9-2

Amakawa Keisuke, a hapless corporate slave who suddenly dies, wakes up in a different world! He tries his best to enjoy life in another world, but he has only been given the bottom-tier skill "Translation" and on top of that, the most powerful monste

I Only Want to Beat YouChapter 163

I Only Want to Beat You summary is updating. Come visit sometime to read the latest chapter of I Only Want to Beat You. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it

Please Slay The Demon! Young Master!Chapter 85

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Global Freeze: I Created An Apocalypse ShelterChapter 211

Global Freeze: I Created A Apocalypse Shelter, where the world is plunged into an icy age, and 95% of humanity is wiped out! In his previous life, our hero Zhang Yi was tragically killed by the very people he helped, thanks to his kind heart.But fear

I Thought It Was A Common Isekai Full Chapters.Chapter 4

I Was the Villainess Who Would Die by the Hands of the Male Lead, but I Know This Clich! I thought it was a pretty good deal to die unjustly, as a payment for the price I paid for being the villainess. Until I realized that I couldn't escape from the

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