I Acted As the Adopted Daughter Too Well

I Played the Role of the Adopted Daughter Too Well ; 입양딸 역할을 지나치게 잘해버렸다

Authors : 다나

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Fantasy , Romance

Chapters: 62

Last update: 3 days ago


I Acted As the Adopted Daughter Too Well / I Played The Role of the Adopted Daughter Too Well / When I first came into the book, my goal was just to survive.I have to live longer! And be happy!' So I did my best.I am going to walk on my own flower path."Wherever I go, the seat next to you is mine. You promised to pat my head for the rest of your life, isn't that right?" The strongest male character, who was stabbed to death in the original novel, stared at me with obsessive eyes.If I say no, he will destroy the world."Yes, I'll kill him. Then you'll be happy, too, right?" The fifth brother looked a bit crazy."This is my land from here to here. And yours, too. I'm glad to be able to breathe with your grandest dreams." The fourth oldest sister, who became the richest woman on the continent, opened the map and said that.If I say I don't have such a grand dream like her, I think a catastrophe will happen."I'm looking forward to the Winter Solstice that you'll rule completely." Laughter rose on the face of the butler who served me."If you don't connect to Verratoux, my heart will stop tomorrow morning. Are you sure you're okay with that?" My first sister, who was supposed to be the original successor, threatened me with her life.And this is the biggest problem. Somehow, a faint smile raised my father's mouth, which became stronger than the original father he was. "Independence? Try it then. I won't even let a single ant live on this land.""Did you think you could leave my arms and stand on your own" He then stared at me obsessively.They are all acting weird.Everything went wrong.I only did my very best.