This Time, the Tears Were Mine

Now It Was My Turn to Cry / 今度は私の泣く番だった / 이제는 내가 울 차례였다

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Manhwa , Romance

Chapters: 17

Last update: 9 days ago


Read manhwa This Time, the Tears Were Mine / A noble lady unwanted by her family. A prince unwanted by his country. There was a reason why they gravitated toward each other. Andrea always dreamed of Prince Charming coming to her rescue. And she thought she found him in Kahirthe abandoned Prince of Ragenia. But when her stepsister schemes to marry her off to an old and perverted marquis, Andrea decides to take advantage of his love by seducing Kahir and asking him to run away with her. Believing her words, Kahir does away with the dirty marquis. However, his love for Andrea turns into hatred he realizes that she had used him to escape the unwanted marriage. Andrea soon regrets her actions, but Kahir wants nothing of her. Will the star-crossed lovers be able to find their happy ending?