Xiong Tai Kanjian Wo Dile MaChapter 23

Original WebtoonChu Wenshan, the world

Xin Ting Is A Great SwordChapter 13

Nie ting Nie tian Luo's "level up journey "

Xing Ling An DiChapter 169

Xueshan Feihuchapter 34
ActionMartial arts

After the Dashing King seized the capital, all the generals of the Ming dynasty surrendered and gave their wealth as tributes to save their own lives. In a few days, gold and silver piled up like a mountain. After the Dashing King retreated from the

Xingchen BianChapter 209

In an universe far away, there is a child with innate disability to practice internal techniques. So, in order to gain the respect of his father, he resolutely chooses to follow the more difficult and painful path of practicing external techniques. A

Xiang Ru Yi MuChapter 206
ComedyRomanceShounen ai

XXX Kiss MarkChapter 54

XXX Kiss Mark manga summary: The type of boy Kumi hates most is the kind who's pushy and flighty. When she rejects such a boy, he forcibly steals her first kiss, and at that embarrassing moment it is Miyazawa Takafumi from her class who captures it o

XEVECChapter 2.2

2057.Hemisphere, a man-made city in Tokyo Bay, has wiped out virtually all crime by introducing the quantum AI system "XEVEC", through which the "law" acts as a physical force to protect all citizens. Hemisphere is a "utopia", an ultra-nomocratic soc

Xiao Bai’s Adonis DaddyChapter 4

Because of a conspiracy, she got pregnant and gave birth to a cute little darling. A few years later, she met her "sweetheart" again. Only, the cold, unfeeling man from the legends didn't seem as bad as she had imagined?

Xyrin EmpireChapter 11

Xyrin Empire manhua, Hilling EmpireThe legendary tale of the Xyrin Empire is not about its struggles or the tempest of another world or some cultivation myth. This is a super-serious, super-hard sci-fi manhua about saving the world.Take what I'm sayi

Xuejie, Don't Livestream It!Chapter 63

Zho Sh meets Lu Ll, a devlilish girl at his university entrance ceremony. Lu Ll is a Bilibili livestreamer. Zho Sh now has to deal with his senior who teases him with broadcasts everyday. TN: Xuejie is a chinese term to refer to seniors or older fema

Xing Ting is a Great SwordChapter 13
ActionComedyMartial arts

When the new pavilion was born, the world recovered to before the aura recovery.. Together with his partners, Nie Ting smashed through the thorns and broke through the obstacles. If he wants to create the Tianluo Diwang organization, the world will m

Xuan Yuan-Sword Legend: The Gate of FirmamentChapter 3
ActionMartial arts

In ancient times, the Heavenly Emperor opened the Gate of Firmament, connecting the Heavens and Earth. Even mortals could learn to ascend to the Gate to meet with the Emperor and to obtain divine powers in order to aid the mortal realm. Unscrupulous

XX Shinaide! Tsukimine-sanChapter 1

[ From Nimemob ] Hidaka Akira is a high school student who loves solitude. He avoids the crowds in his class and decides to eat alone, but there is someone who disturbs his peace. It is Tsukimine Chiyo, the girl at the highest level in the school hie

Xiuxian Return On CampusChapter 4

Xiuxian Return On Campus

Xing Dong Tian Qi Xia Xiao XIngChapter 4

Adapted from a popular Chinese novel, protagonist Xia Xiao Xing was saved by Qin Jun who is the heir to the famous Qin Corporation. Due to pressure from his family to get married, he randomly picked a wife Xia Xiao Xing. Initially, he chose her only

Xu Mi Qian Yuan JuanChapter 4

The young Taoist monk Cang Lan has descended from the mountain to take his new post at Ruyi Temple. The owner of the Temple, Yan Yeyu, is a devil who has been sealed at Ruyi, and now spends his days sleeping from laziness brought on by his past failu

Xun Meng HunChapter 5

2023 Kuaikan manhua competition entryThe odds and twists of truth have never ceased in this world. In the River of Oblivion, an emissary of he** is born from the Red Lycoris, whose flowers could never meet its own leaves. Will she be able to unfold t

Xiuzhen Zhi Tianming Da Fei CaiChapter 4

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Xia Yin Wang: Wai ZhuanChapter 2

The young King of Xia Yin Empire, who succeeded the throne at age 14, inherited a rare and powerful sorcery connected to the six great gods of the elements. Can this power enable him to change Xia Yin's terrible fate of imminent destruction and colla

Xam'd Lost Memories: Pilgrim's CompassChapter 3

This spinoff series from Xam'd: Lost Memories portrays Takato Isshin, owner of a strange compass, as he stumbles upon two Tessican sisters on a pilgrimage.Nangai Island is a small isolated rural island where nothing happens. This is where Isshin Taka