Feng Shen JiChapter 182 - End
ActionMartial artsSupernatural

The Great Shang dynasty has been in power for many years but the Gods find fault with the new emperor. Instead of submitting to their will at the expense of his people, the Emperor resolves to throw off the Gods' yoke and free humanity. However, not

Day 100 of My Sister's DisappearanceChapter 100 [END]

I killed my younger sister and managed to get away with it. But on the 100th day after her death, something strange happened...

The Rebirth of the Demon GodChapter 122

Description : The demon leader Di Shi Tian was betrayed by his most trusted friend, and perished under the combined attack of the Five Sects. When the world thought they had vanquished the demons, Shi Tian is reborn as a student Mo Fan. Without his p

Psychic Princess (Tong Ling Fei)Chapter 559

Psychic Princess at Yunxi Qian, the oldest daughter of the prime minister was born with a special ability. Because of this she was deemed abnormal' and was raised at Mt. Lin Yun.Upon turning 16, she took her younger sister's place to marry into the r

Chen ShengChapter 104
DramaShounen ai

Shen Sheng has always been obedient and never once deviated from the life course set for him by others. Everything changes when Cheng Mu, a literature professor, comes into his life. By accident, he discovers the young professor's secret. At the same

Devil's President Sacrificial Bride😭😭😭 Please, I need everyone help again! Please help me to report on an app that was illegally stealing my work.

Chu Mujin brother with Miss Lu Ming Yue were eloped. Because late being escaped, Miss Lu Ming Yue s fianc, Lin Cheng Yao caught her and thus began her tragic 99th day contact lover life. Being entangled between two men, tyrannical Lin Cheng Yao and g

President's Wife Don't Run AwayChapter 327

Guard against fire, guard against theft, guard against best friend. This kind of melodramatic two-timing (in romantic relationships) plot has been encountered by Li Qian Luo! Unexpectedly married, the husband actually is a wild outrageous pamper wife

The Demon Lord Wants To Take Responsibility Of Me!Side.5(end) : The End
Shounen ai

Yu Yin transmigrated twice, once again he has returned to his original world of cultivation, but the moment he gets back he gets scammed by a demon lord he doesn't recognize? Not only was he scammed, he even bit him and forced him into an engagement?

Doubt!!Chapter 31
RomanceShounen ai

Description : "I have my eyes on him, only him." Ming ZiQi attention was drawn to Xiao Luo on his first day as a supervisor in practice. But as a simple murder case becomes something much more, it is time to seek out the truth?

Attack Of HeavenChapter 90
ActionComedyEcchiMartial arts

Bad Girl's Punishment GamesChapter 121
ComedyMartial artsRomanceWebtoons

An evil woman is born again! She has to brush up achievements and virtue and fighting villains. Starting from now, I, Xiao Yi Xin, want to dominate the different world! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! .. Wait a moment! The Fire Yama of Immortal Lord .. I just helped

My Girlfriend Is A Gamer!!Afterword

The daily lives of a gamer and her girlfriend.

Paper Pet Marriage Mysterious Husband😭😭😭 Please, I need everyone help again! Please help me to report on an app that was illegally stealing my work.

She was plotted by her family and accidentally had one night stand with a stranger man. The next day, a group of mysterious man took her to the Civil Affairs Bureau and she was forced to married her one night stand man. At the same time, an overbeari

The Fatal KissChapter 63

The protagonist of the manhua of "The Fatal Kiss" is Zheng Xuan Er and Jiang Yun. A brief description of The Fatal Kiss'; In the manhua, Zheng Xuan Er, who lives with a pair of vampire twins, has a headache now. The two little twins she wanted to pro

Wei Ming Shen DouChapter 11.2

A reclusive youth, Ye Feng, fell into a foreign world. He then started a new chapter of his life in the world of "Ming".

Foresee Your Death😭😭😭 Please, I need everyone help again! Please help me to report on an app that was illegally stealing my work.

Gu Ning tried to stop a murder that she had foreseen and she hurriedly reported the case, but she was suspected by the police because the time of the report was earlier than the time of the incident. The captain of the criminal police, Zhan Ming, beg

Hi, Wolf CaptainChapter 66

Description : The moment she woke up, Qiao Yoyo felt that she had a long dream, and the dream brought her a angelical child. Many years later, she worked in a company, little did she think that he would meet the child's father Ye Yimin

He Was Born To Be My HusbandChapter 85
RomanceShounen aiWebtoons

The introduction of the domineering gangster wolf dog Gu Jia Rui X high school bully cold single Liang. A rich young master, an orphanage abandoned son. The two men with very different identities and statuses have become good "brothers" and have bee

Hello Sweetheart - Young Master Xu's Little Hot Sister😭😭😭 Please, I need everyone help again! Please help me to report on an app that was illegally stealing my work.

A Cinderella fairy tale story, Xu Qiao Qiao, suddenly fly to the top of branch to turn into phoenix. (From an orphanage to become Missy in a wealthy family). She has to face all kinds of the annoying female's cannon fodder, and added suspense to a ov

99 Ways Of Being Trapped In Love😭😭😭 Please, I need everyone help again! Please help me to report on an app that was illegally stealing my work.

Gu Nan Xia did not expect tomeethim again, but why he is so strange now? Mo Yu Chen even said he had never seen her before The mistake at that time, could it be that he bear grudges and wanted to erase her existence? Because of that necklace, they en

The Young Smart Kids-President’s Pampered Wife Is Too HeroicChapter 239

Five years ago in a dark tent, a drunk woman took the initiative and sneakily attacked him.The woman gave birth to twins but lose one. Five years later, that woman secretly took a picture of him, cure his disease and stole his heart. He took a little

I’m Going To Be EatenChapter 100

A down and out siblings try to get close to the rich aristocrats, but it's all completely controlled by the president.From the same creator/author of Double Marriage and Lair & Love Game (My Pamper Splendid Little Wife).Notes from mangabuddyAll our m

Be A Boss By Spending MoneyChapter 120

In the fast-paced world, the prodigal system is bound, and if you don't spend money you have to be tie like a dog. Even if the task is to spend money to abuse the scumbag, it is necessary to ensure the physical and mental health of the little dog. Gu

Princess Consort Han Yun XiChapter 220
Martial arts

She was a petty and low ugly girl from a medicine aristocratic family and was weak and easily bullied by others. Her family dislikes her. He was the most respected Prince of the kingdom on Tian Ning. Millions of people support and most powerful Princ

The Underworld Gangster Is A Little AdorableChapter 242

The female lead, Ye Yao changed his name to Bai Fei, she disguised as a man and hidden in the City A's most influential family, Ling's family, she become right arm and close friend of Young Master Ling. Young Master Ling, who known to be unconvention

Stop! My Dumb WifeChapter 98

Xu Nian, who lost her parents in a fire. She has lost the ability to speak due to a psychological barrier.After being adopted by the Ning family, she thought she could live a happy life, but she didn't expect that the adoptive parents and sister woul

Devil Don’t Kiss MeChapter 200

"You are a vicious little lover (third party), return my boyfriend to me!" "Okay, let me be your boyfriend." Ai Xiao Xiao's just an ordinary girl, it's was her first time in life, caught little lover (third party) but the little lover is a handsome m

Three Autumns Apart From YouChapter 59

Since they both had stationery brands for names, Ji Zhencai and Bai Chenguang have been shipped together ever since middle school. After reuniting once again eight years later, they've somehow entered into a superior-subordinate relationship in a pet

Boundary ApocalypseChapter 7

In the distant future, a war between the alien Thorne Empire and the human New Federation has been waging on for centuries. Our protagonist Stahl enters the scene at this critical moment in history, and with the help of a gorgeous girl and a ridiculo

I Know What You ThinkChapter 130

Xu Yan, who was bullied to death, is reborn as Shen Xing, a college student. She discovers that she can see the malice in others and is determined to use this to find the murderer to reverse the future!Notes from mangabuddyAll our manhua content is p

The Rules of Forbidden LoveChapter 350

In order to complete the work task of the marriage agency, Shen Yi Yi was forced to put her own information into the client's information. She didn't expect to be picked up by the president of a wealthy family. After the excitement, she knew that the

Different Every DayChapter 130

Li Wei Yin, who was originally a daughter of a wealthy family, became a bargaining chip for the marriage of two families. Wait a minute, the young master of the Xu family actually has an IQ of only eight years old! Oh my God, is she going to make her

President Trying To Get His WifeChapter 125

The miserable and pitiful little white lotus was rescued by a prince charming, and the prince charming also cared for her turning her mind into a person with full of hatred and jealousy."Do you have any intentions against me?Is it because of my body?

President’s Royal PrincessChapter 108

An ancient princess time-crossed the modern and encountered a handsome president. She didn't want to be in a new era and said "You have to lift a big marriage sedan carriage before I'm willing to marry you." The handsome president is helpless and beg

My Cunning Childhood SweetheartChapter 58

The heroine meets her childhood friend, but he seems to be a naive boy, and he is always receiving good guy cards, which seems to be very funny. The heroine thinks it's time to teach her childhood friend to fall in love but why did it slowly become

The Invincible Double TreasureChapter 66

She was tragically framed by his father and step-sister, and was given to an old and ugly man's bed After the night, unexpectedly she gave birth to a pair of adorable and high IQ twins of mixed sex.She was afraid the kids would be taken away by the o

Demon King Domination Pet: Genius Meng Bao belly black motherChapter 63

Lin Yunxi fell asleep by a man as soon as he crossed over, and then sadly urged him off the cliff. Six years later, she was reborn from the ashes and returned strongly, and all demon kings pursued her. Thus, a certain man became jealous. A certain ma

Cute Baby Is Coming : Daddy And Mommy Are Super FierceChapter 93

A cute baby took a book and flipped it over seriously. Mommy the next man you are going to meet, you must grasp him. The woman looked confused when she was forcibly taken to a certain cafe by her own son. Wu Jiao Jiao wants to cry, but there are no t

My Two Stepsons Looking At Me WeirdlyChapter 90

A witch picked up two children by chance, and as they got along day by day, both of them developed extraordinary feelings for her. From then on, a tragedy occurred. Chen Ming Xuan was instigated by a mysterious person to kill Dugu Chen Feng but accid

I Am Being Chased To Fall In Love EverydayChapter 86

Xue Xi, who has been gone for eighteen years, was ridiculed by her grandmother and cousin as soon as she returned home. She was also disgusted by her classmates when she arrived at school. Unexpectedly, when she met Xiang Huai, he inexplicably trigge

Kiss You Every DayChapter 87

Ji Na, the beautiful game anchor, challenges to digging treasure at the bottom of the lake late at night. She didn't manage to dig treasure but she dug a young and cute vampire. As soon as the young and cute vampire, Li Chen kissed Ji Na, he turned i

I Found a Baby CatChapter 8.2

Atsuki Komiya is a college student that's living alone. Suddenly, his sister visits and asks for a favor, which is to take care of his niece, Kasane, for two weeks. A story about the awkward relationship of these two, the confused Atsuki and the sull

The Counter Strike : I’m BackChapter 114

"President Zhang, President Zhang, there's a big shot who wants to see you." Zhang Yu, who was reading the file, glanced up at him and then look down again and asking leisurely, "Which big shot wants to see me?" "Gu Dong Yang." "Oh, I thought it was

The President's Lovely Two-Faced Wife😭😭😭 Please, I need everyone help again! Please help me to report on an app that was illegally stealing my work.

She was set up by her scumbag boyfriend. After been drugged, he send her to a president as a gift. In the befuddle moment, she thought the nightmare was the beginning of happiness. The man favored and loved her, but in facts she has to faced an overb

The Inescapable Sweet LoveChapter 70

When we first met, Xi Chen Han was counterattacked by a little sheep. At their second meeting, did she forget him? He got angry, "Woman, let me help you recall your previous passion." When he met her for the third time, he lightly curled his lips, "Y

Guide To Training A HusbandChapter 55

The manhua tells the story of a little lawyer, Chi Yu Mo, who mistakenly believes that President Lei Ting Li has been cuckolded by his wife. In order to raise money for her sister's medical expenses, she decides to take the right to represent him in

Satan Boss, Don’t Love MeChapter 33.5

An Ran is the rumoured "vicious adopted daughter".There are three most regretted things in her life.First, on the night of her mother's death, she begged the wrong person, not only she lost her virginity, but she was also jailed.Second, to take reven

The Lost StoryChapter 20
ActionHorrorMartial arts

In the 33rd year of Kangxi rule, Emperor Kangxi issued an edict named "The Migration of People from Huguang to Sichuan". He ordered the citizens living in Hunan, Hubei, Guangdong and other places to move to Sichuan. This is the famous "Huguang to Sic