Traveling Through Time and Space to Become an Unlucky NPC: I Have a Wife to Protect MeChapter 5
ActionMartial arts

He Qingyang traveled to the game "Sword Immortal Legend" he was playing and became an unlucky NPC who kept skipping the plot when he was playing the game. This NPC kept harassing the main heroine Ning Yiwan, and later his identity was exposed and he

Arctic Cold WarChapter 3

The Ice Age apocalypse is coming. After being betrayed and killed by my secret crush, I was reborn and gained a magical ability the snacks I ate suddenly turned into plants? What's surprising is that this ability can be used in this way Crisis is ev

Chronicles of the Polar WarChapter 5

The Ice Age descends, a brutal, unforgiving apocalypse. I was betrayed and killed by the person I secretly lovedAfter being reborn, I gained a miraculous ability: any food that enters my mouth turns into a living creature, and I can enlarge pork with

I Ascend By Slaying GodsChapter 20

A higher-dimensional invasion has turned the entire Earth into a massive gaming world, with most people losing their free will and becoming NPCs. Chen Feng becomes one of the few awakened individuals, forced to embark on a journey to confront players

I Can See the Forbidden Zone RulesChapter 5

Two hundred years ago, the White Mist Forbidden Land suddenly appeared, and the world underwent a huge change. Monsters and supernatural beings with various strange powers appeared. The White Mist Forbidden Land is known as the Forbidden Zone for Lif

Wan MuChapter 30

The girl who was adopted by two mothers met her soulmate- another girl, when she was 16 years old. After dating for ten years, she decided to give herself to a man at the age of 28 because she did not want to live this "abnormal life". Only after le

Confined RoomChapter 4

DescriptionThe main character who collects personal information of others and digs into their backs.She hacks into the account of a male classmate she admires and uncovers unimaginable activities.Shocked, P sends an anonymous message to scare him,and

It Turns Out That I’m The Demonic Ancestor!Chapter 18
ActionDramaMartial arts

The almighty Yun-Ye is now reaching the end of his life. As the eight factions that have claimed to be righteous knew about the end of Yun-Ye's life, they launched an attack against him. At the same time, a person with the same name has traversed and

Divine HandChapter 10

The world has been polluted, and superpowers have emerged, ushering in a new era! My ability is to "bestow abilities upon others"! Empowering the powerless, making the capable even stronger. The abilities bestowed upon others will come back to me. A-

Dominion PlayerChapter 14

Wa** Juan, a mediocre hard working king! Crushes his classmates at school and his leaders at work. There was nothing in reality that he couldn't solve, until he was selected by [Infinite G**'s Domain] to enter the virtual world to compete, and climbe

Apocalyptic Survival: I Can See Hidden CluesChapter 42

Upon awakening from slumber, it was discovered that billions of people had been transported to an apocalyptic era! Survival had become a shared goal of everyone, yet Zhang Chen could perceive concealed clues!While all were cautiously venturing into t

Ming Dynasty: From Xu Family’s Scorn to Ascension Through Battle!Chapter 9

Zhu Xiong was reborn in a small town within Beiping territory during the early years of the Ming Dynasty.In this significant year, Zhu Yuanzhang, the founding emperor, was in his prime.With Crown Prince Zhu Biao by his side, he rectified the laws and

Evolution from Carp to Divine DragonChapter 8

The photographer Lin Hao was on a shooting assignment in the ancient city of Lintian when he was attacked and killed by "ET No. 002". After being reborn, he found himself transformed into a koi living in the Dragon Transformation Pond in the neighbor

Catastrophic PriestChapter 11

Global changes occur, the game becomes reality, and demonic disasters begin to wreak havoc. In order to resist all this, everyone must pick a class and level-up like crazy. Lin Ye awakens his g**-level talent from the beginning, turning things around

Forcibly Occupy His Highness the PrinceChapter 10

Read manhua Forcibly Occupy His Highness the Prince / Seizing the Crown Prince by Force /

Overlord of InsectsChapter 11

Having been transported into a world where everyone is a Job-Changer, Jiang Chen awakened the Insect Domination System! The little insects can evolve, attack, and extract talents! Most importantly, they can breed invincible natural disasters!

I Really Don’t Want to be a SaintChapter 9

In this world, the Way of Literature is supreme. Scholars control the written words, cultivate their literary spirit, and open up their literary palaces. Li Chang'an, carrying the memories of his previous life, arrives in this unparalleled world of l

Immortality, I Only Practice Forbidden ArtsChapter 45

Chen Qi, Who Is Immortal, gains life with each passing second, but in the dog-eat-dog world of cultivation, his immortality proves futile. Seeking to master the arts of immortality and join the Fallen Immortal Sect, he unexpectedly finds himself in a

The Stunning Taoist Couples Say That My Emperor Is Invincible In PhysiqueChapter 2
ActionComedyMartial arts

After an unexpected transmigration into the body of a Demon Lord, an ordinary guy finds himself tasked with aiding various monster girls in rejuvenating their tribes through breeding. From the alluring phoenix girl to the endearing ferret girl and th

It All Starts With Trillions Of Nether CurrencyChapter 76

Lin Yu accidentally awakened a "Rich System" that distributes money every day. But the money which issued by the system is actually usable underworld currency! A few years later, the accumulation of underworld currency reached the trillion level, and

Mr. Qiao, Madam Is Spoiled by YouChapter 28

Read manhua Mr. Qiao, Madam Is Spoiled by You / Mr. Jiao, Madame Is Spoiled by You / Once reborn, Xia Xiaotian became Leng Yunqi, the only daughter of a wealthy family in the Imperial Capital. Her parents owned a consortium, her grandfather was a leg

A Transmigrated Warden's Battle for RedemptionChapter 60

The Rose Prison in Baiyin City is recognized as the strictest and strongest women's prison in the entire continent.It gathers the most dangerous and vicious female criminals on the continent, and IAiden is the warden in charge of managing this prison

I Really Don’t Want To Learn Forbidden SpellsChapter 44HOT

I admit, there must be some kind of cheat code for time travel. But seriously, What Kind Of Novice mage only knows dark forbidden spells'? I'm human, not a demon lord! Anyway, forbidden spells, they're really something!

Gods of all people: I sacrificed hundreds of millions of living beings to become a godChapter 26

Han Wu transmigrated to a world where everyone can become a g**. He obtained the ability to sacrifice life. At the beginning, he had a trash clan, so he sacrificed to change his fate against the heavens. With no power, no status, and no money, he sac

I Proposed to the PopeChapter 10

Read manhua I Proposed to the Pope / / I Proposed to the Pope / Wo Xiang Jiaohuang QiuhunleEmpire Princess Helene is reborn on the day when the younger brother of the crown prince brings back the female protagonist from the book. In her previous lif

Soul Slayer ChroniclesChapter 3

Jiang Xiaobai, a sickly youth, ventures into the mountains in search of medicine. Through a series of twists and turns, he unexpectedly becomes a menial servant in an immortal sect. Accidentally acquiring a mysterious black sword, he carves out a uni

Apex Gamer ReturnsChapter 18

The unknown game streamer, Bai Qi, died unexpectedly when he was about to reach the peak of his life while live-streaming a game called The Soul of the Throne. Suddenly, he was reborn into the world of a difficult action game. Bai Qi must rely on his

Chronicles Of The Jungle SovereignChapter 15

Lin Tian, a genius game designer, was ordered to be executed because he knew too much of the company secrets. At a critical moment, he was betrayed by his lover Luo Yue and was killed in the jungle. When he woke up, he found he became a low-level mon

Against The Gods (Reuploaded)Chapter 137

Reuploaded to fix broken chsMythical Abode Mountain, Cloud's End Cliff, the most dangerous of Azure Cloud Continent's four deadly areas. Cloud's End Cliff's base is known as the Grim Reaper's Cemetery.Over countless years, the number of people that h

Starting With Awakening in the Classic of Mountains and SeasChapter 4.5

In a world where the monster you choose defines you, and where you can only tame one creature, Fang Yuan finds himself in a realm dominated by magical beings. He is perceived as weak and marginalized by all, but he awakens the Classic of Mountains an

Spirit Sacrifice: The Path to GodhoodChapter 26

Spirit Sacrifice: The Path to Godhood

It’s Just Fortune-Telling. How Did the Nine-Tailed Demon Emperor Become My Wife?Chapter 19

Read manhua It's Just Fortune-Telling. How Did the Nine-Tailed Demon Emperor Become My Wife? / / ch l bi ton m thi cu v yu sao li thnh nng t ta / Suanming Eryi, Jiu Wei Yao Di Zenme Jiu Cheng Wo Niangzile?Jiang Jue travels through the world of Xianx

The King Of SnowChapter 16

The stars shift, the blizzard persists, the icy apocalypse is imminent, food! Temperature! Violence! Dependence! In this dilemma, under the distortion of human nature, has desire given birth to monsters? How to break out of adversity and find

Disciples, please spare your masterChapter 19
ComedyMartial arts

I have five exquisitely beautiful, captivating female disciples. But they're all renowned villains? #disciples, please spare your master!

Cultivation: It all begins with estrangement from family and friendsChapter 21

Lin Xiaotian, a prodigy in cultivation with exceptional talent, yet lacked emotional intelligence, making enemies wherever he went. Ultimately, he was betrayed by friends and family, left alone to perish.F ortunately, he seized a slim chance and rein

God’s ContemptChapter 8

The Divine Realm was attacked by mysterious forces from the Outside World, triggering a reincarnation war between gods that lasted for thousands of years. To the despair of the gods, every single cycle ended in their defeat. In the final reincarnatio

Reincarnation of a Martial ProdigyChapter 23
ActionDramaMartial artsShounen

He had gone through tens, hundreds of reincarnations. From being the Ultimate Martial Emperor to conquering everything under the heavens, he had accomplished it all. All he wanted now was to finally rest, but the darn cycle of reincarnation just woul

Virus KingChapter 17

The world is plunged into doomsday. The entire doomsday world has turned into a cruel evolutionary game! This is the greatest opportunity and trial ground for mankind, and it is also the amusement park of gods and demons! Chen Bai was reborn and retu

Can You Hear MeChapter 3

Read "Can You Hear Me" for free at Story line of "Can You Hear Me":During a big campus carnival, five people escaped to the beach to play a card game. Lin Weixia then got the chance to ask Ban Sheng a question. Lin Weixia: "What do you want to be?" B

Frozen Apocalypse: No Chance of SurvivalChapter 16

As the stars shift, the blizzards rage incessantly, the icy apocalypse looms just two days away. Food! Temperature! Violence! Dependence! In this dire situation, where human nature twists, does desire spawn monsters? How can one overcome adversity an

AccidentaIIy Became Famous Throughout HistoryChapter 27

Tu Ye, who transmigrated to ancient times, was bent on self-harm to return to the modern era, but by a twist of fate, ended up inadvertently paving the way for the rise of the once-fallen Great Qian Dynasty, turning it into the first empire

Transformed Into A Piece Of LandChapter 12

Read manhua Transformed Into A Piece Of Land / The darkness eclipses, humans began to transform into unique monsters(Darksiders), but I got transformed into a piece of land!I live together with the other humans that managed to survived, planting crop

Rise from the BottomChapter 16

The most powerful Blade King in the empire, Laycil's grandfather was executed for treason by the empire and his family was wiped out. From that moment on, Laycil's life changed drastically. Laycil was enslaved, humiliated, and subjected to human expe

Doomsday for All: Me, Virus MonarchChapter 17

The world has plunged into the darkness of the apocalypse. In this grim reality, the entire world has become a brutal arena for evolution. It's humanity's greatest opportunity and trial, as well as a playground for gods and demons alike. Chen Bai is

Sorry, my skills are automatically maxed out!Chapter 18

Jiang Li, after being reborn on the Blue Star, has passed eighteen years. With his excellent learning ability, he is praised by everyone as a genius. However, this genius, during the Awakening Ceremony at the age of eighteen, only awakened as an ordi

My Disciple Became The Great Demon Empress?!Chapter 19

After many years of seclusion, Ye Shen's cultivation level has greatly increased, his strength has soared, and his physical body has become immortal. However! The moment he walked out of the mountain gate, he was completely dumbfounded. First Discipl

Millennial CultivatorChapter 25

[This person has obviously been cultivating for millions of years.]Since time traveling, the transmigrator Ye Fan has been living in seclusion in Tianwu City with the intent of living a worry-free life, until one day he awakened to his millennia of c

In The Face Of Mental Illness, Nothing MattersChapter 2

Chen Zhuo is a patient in Qingshan Psychiatric Hospital, and the system failed to cure him successfully.System: Whatever, I only provide technical support

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