Soul Land IIChapter 527
ActionMartial artsShounenSupernatural

A young boy ridiculed as a useless child makes pledge to himself to become a spirit master after his mother dies. what will happen to him on his adventures

Mr. ZombieChapter 107

1000 years ago, the MC became a normal zombie in the apocalypse. In order to survive the constant hunting of humans, he continued to train himself until he became immensely powerful. After 1000 years passed, he is now ready to enter human society aga

Douluo Dalu Ii - Jueshui TangmenChapter 527
ActionMartial artsShounenSupernatural

A young boy ridiculed as a useless child makes pledge to himself to become a spirit master after his mother dies. what will happen to him on his adventures...You also may like:+Douluo Dalu 3: The Legend of the Dragon King+Wu Dong Qian Kun+ Douluo Dal

Sword Immortal Martial EmperorChapter 148
ActionDramaMartial artsShounen

Sword Immortal Martial Emperor: Starting in the Rebellion of Xuanwu Gate , , Jian Xian Wudi: Kaiju Xuanwu Men Zhi Bian

Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad EndChapter 92

The day the little aristocratic tyrant, Roel Ascarte, met his younger foster sister was the day he regained his memories of his past lifeand realized that this was the world of a popular gal game that he had played before. What's more, he was the mai

Trample on the River of Immortality(Ta Sui Xian He)Chapter 319
ActionMartial arts

When Qin Lie realized that dignity can only be defended by strength, he took the Predestination Astrolabe and embarked on the path to become a God. He used his blood to write an immortal saga of Demons, Gods and Buddhas, a few people transcending the

Endless devourerChapter 211

Read the chapters to know the story, on my way to devour the world and make it kiss my Feet

I Can Have Infinite EpiphaniesChapter 154
ActionDramaMartial artsShounen

Wo Keyi Wuxian Dunwu, I Can Have Infinite Epiphanies,

BugCat-CapooChapter 524

Like a cat, like a bug, this cute and scary story of Capoo will heal your heart, and eat all your meat. A heartwarming comedy of its daily life begins! First place in 2015 LINE Webtoon original comic competition, short comic category, Taiwan region.

Douluo Dalu ii – Jueshi TangmenChapter 527

A land with out magic, dou-qi, martial arts, but have essence spirits. This is the combat continent 10 000 years after the formation of Tang Sect. A new hero and his friend walks the land, a new "Seven Monsters of Shrek", will they keep up the name o

Virus KingChapter 17

The world is plunged into doomsday. The entire doomsday world has turned into a cruel evolutionary game! This is the greatest opportunity and trial ground for mankind, and it is also the amusement park of gods and demons! Chen Bai was reborn and retu

Doomsday for All: Me, Virus MonarchChapter 17

The world has plunged into the darkness of the apocalypse. In this grim reality, the entire world has become a brutal arena for evolution. It's humanity's greatest opportunity and trial, as well as a playground for gods and demons alike. Chen Bai is

This Account is RidiculousChapter 108

This Account is Ridiculous manhua, Accidentally traveled to another world after creating a side account with a max charm stat!? This account is ridiculous! A person who does game boosting travels to another dimension and uses their max level experien

I, The Demon Lord am being targeted by my female Disciples!Chapter 22

Bai Feng transmigrated into an ancient chinese style dating game and became the Demon Lord, Bai Qingling. The Bai Qingling in the game is cold-hearted and ruthless. In order to seek immortality, he cultivates the Path of Gu, makes human puppets, and

Master: This rebellious disciple is definitely not the Holy SonChapter 51
ActionDramaMartial artsShounen

Chu Xiu, who came from the Blue Star, transmigrated to the Tianqiong Continent a hundred years ago. He bound the Fate Antagonist System, killed numerous daughters of the Holy Land's Holy Son, and became invincible among his peers. In the end, he was

The Supreme Almighty MasterChapter 83

"The most versatile student in history! An adventure changed my life. From then on, I got a full score in the exam, I will hit the score, basketball genius, swimmer, beautiful harem omnipotent, how lonely~~ ~" Just another manhua trash with big boob

Wan MuChapter 30

The girl who was adopted by two mothers met her soulmate- another girl, when she was 16 years old. After dating for ten years, she decided to give herself to a man at the age of 28 because she did not want to live this "abnormal life". Only after le

Super God GeneChapter 224

Based on an adaptation from the author's novel Twelve Winged Dark Seraph'. In the future, countless beasts will invade. As you are able to gain certain genes from devouring the flesh of beasts, humankind welcomed an era of genetic evolution. Han Sen,

I Determine My Own DestinyChapter 204
ActionMartial arts

I Determine My Own Destiny manhua, Jiang Beiran's journey to the Xuanlong Continent began in tragedy. He had finally gotten the system, but he had not anticipated it has its own rhythm. As a result, Jiang Beiran chose Gou, avoiding all opportunities

I have 90 billion licking goldChapter 257HOT

Chen Yuan, a loser college student, licked the goddess Lin Shutong wildly for three years but was kicked by her. In grief, he accidentally activated the dog-licking gold system. It has 90 billion dog-licking gold in its memory. It can only be used to

I’m Really Not the Evil God’s LackeyChapter 127

Lin Jie is an otherworlder who manages a bookstore. He's kind and always recommends soul-healing books for his dejected customers. Sometimes he'd even share his own works too. As time goes on, these customers start to respect him a lot. They bring si

Super GeneChapter 224

As foretold, countless alien monsters invaded the world but by eating them, humans can obtain their genes. With this, mankind began a new era of gene evolution. Hansen, a newcomer to the sanctuary is regarded as a crazy devil' but nobody knows that h

I Am the Fated VillainChapter 160
ActionComedyMartial arts

Immediately after Gu Changge realized he had transgressed into a fantasy world, the world's protagonist, and fortune's chosen, vowed to take revenge on him. Envied by all, he not only has the female lead head over heels for him but he's also treated

I Have a Mythical TreeChapter 61

Traveling to another world with a mythical tree. Countless fruits ripen and unlock unlimited cheats. As strong as the gods and demons, leading the human race to survive tenaciously in a terrifying world.

Me, The Heavenly Destined VillainChapter 160
DramaMartial artsSupernatural

Soul LandChapter 345-3
ActionMartial artsShounenSupernatural

Tang Sect, the most famous martial arts sect of all. By stealing its most secret teachings to fulfill his dreams, Tang San committed an unforgivable crime. With his ambition attained, he hands his legacy to the sect and throws himself from the fearso

I’m Really Not The Demon God’s LackeyChapter 127

Lin Jie, a transmigrator, is the owner of a bookstore in another world.He's kind and warm-hearted, often recommending healing books to customers who are going through a tough time. From time to time, he secretly promotes his own work too.Over time, t

Soul Land IChapter 345-3

Tang San spent his life in the Tang Outer Sect, dedicated to the creation and mastery of hidden weapons. Once he stole the secret lore of the Inner Sect to reach the pinnacle of his art, his only way out was death. But after throwing himself off the

The Supreme Almighty Master (Remake)Chapter 83

The young man, Xia Tian, suddenly obtained x-ray vision and from then on began series of infinite blessings. He was apprenticed to martial arts masters, made friends with treasure experts, and won the favor of countless women... He continued to grow

The Supreme WayChapter 110
ActionMartial arts

The Supreme Way manhua, This is a world where all people have the hope of becoming gods. Taking the path of the Thunder God, one can become a Thunder God. After taking the path of Mountain God, one can become a Mountain God. After becoming a god, on

Soul Land VChapter 187
ActionMartial artsSupernatural

A generation of god king was reborn in the magical world of Falan. He was surprised to find that everything here is so wonderful, and he was lucky to find his wife's reincarnation. However, she has no memory of her previous life, and she is already a

Chronicles of the Polar WarChapter 5

The Ice Age descends, a brutal, unforgiving apocalypse. I was betrayed and killed by the person I secretly lovedAfter being reborn, I gained a miraculous ability: any food that enters my mouth turns into a living creature, and I can enlarge pork with

Soul Land IVChapter 485
ActionMartial arts

The expedition of scientists from the Federal Research Institute roaming the northern ice land found an egg with wavering light of gold and silver. A kind man, Lan Xiao who lead the expedition hatched that egg and a cute baby boy came out. He decided

Soul Land ( Douluo Dalu )Chapter 344.2
ActionMartial artsShounenSupernatural

Tang Sect, the most famous martial arts sect of all. By stealing its most secret teachings to fulfill his dreams, Tang San committed an unforgivable crime. With his ambition attained, he hands his legacy to the sect and throws himself from the fearso

Freezing the World: I Built a Doomsday SafehouseChapter 149

The world is plunged into an icy age, and 95% of humanity is wiped out! In his previous life, our hero Zhang Yi was tragically killed by the very people he helped, thanks to his kind heart.But fear not, for Zhang Yi has been reborn and now possesses

Legend of Star GeneralChapter 210

I am the descendant of the Divine Dragon!Chapter 75

I am the descendant of the Divine Dragon! In the world of fierce competition among warriors on the Xuan Realm Continent, they refine their bodies, cultivate their martial meridians, seize the essence of heaven and earth, and strengthen themselves to

After Improperly Licking a Dog, I Became a BillionaireChapter 110

Read Manhua After Improperly Licking a Dog, I Became a Billionaire English complete and new in NewManhua. We provide Comic, Manhua, Manhwa that you can read online for free.After Improperly Licking a Dog, I Became a Billionaire SummaryLin Xinben was

Divine Urban GodChapter 183

"Five years ago, the Ye family was wiped out and the useless trash Ye Chen mysteriously disappeared. Five years later, that trash of the Ye family has returned! Back with cultivation powers that could bring down the gods and shake the earth! This tim

The Ten Great Emperors At The Beginning Are All My ApprenticesChapter 253

The legendary king Gu Xuanchen had once trained ten powerful emperor-level experts as his disciples, who dominated the world with their strength. However, when he tried to break the seal that bound him, he was struck by lightning and perished. He was

Overlord of InsectsChapter 11

Having been transported into a world where everyone is a Job-Changer, Jiang Chen awakened the Insect Domination System! The little insects can evolve, attack, and extract talents! Most importantly, they can breed invincible natural disasters!

My Disciple Became The Great Demon Empress?!Chapter 19

After many years of seclusion, Ye Shen's cultivation level has greatly increased, his strength has soared, and his physical body has become immortal. However! The moment he walked out of the mountain gate, he was completely dumbfounded. First Discipl

Invincible After Shocking My Empress WifeChapter 28

Ning Tian came to the Tianxuan World as a good-for-nothing but he somehow managed to get into the Empress's bedroom and the extremely beautiful Empress Luo planned to marry him tonight?! Shocked! System activated! He can earn rewards by shocking othe

Trial Marriage Husband: Need To Work HardChapter 349

On the wedding day, her fianc and his lover had a love affair and eloped. Her eyes were dim, she seized the man in front of the Civil Affairs Bureau."To sum it up, your bride is not here, my groom ran off, wouldn't it be better if we fight together?"

The Ghostly DoctorChapter 464HOT
ActionDramaMartial arts

She, the leader of the hidden sect, specializes in poison and assassination. A genius, and a weirdo, in the eyes of others. After dying from an accident, she was reborn in the body of a disfigured lady. Having her identity changed and unable to retur

Young master is too RighteousChapter 138
ActionMartial arts

Young master is too Righteous manhua, The villain traveler, the son who's an example of justice was possesses by him! Get the cheat system, but, later he found that the system is actually a villain training manual! How to choose between good and evil

It All Starts With A Group Of Primitive PeopleChapter 36

Chen Liyi, who was shopping with a rich woman, accidentally traversed to the Stone Age, leading primitive people to fight beasts, build civilization, and become the emperor of this land. The system is in hand, the inheritance of technology can be obt

Sweet Desire! The Cold Lord God, Who Can Tease, Coax, and Act Coquettish.Chapter 96
DramaRomanceShounen ai

Prisoner No. 001 of Tianjie, Si Jin, was sentenced to go to the three thousand planes to experience various miserable lives because his crime value seriously exceeded the standard. A bankrupt movie king, an ancient king, Lord Poseidon, being treated

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